That’s a Wrapp Up!

I had the pleasure of joining my pal Chris Van Patten on his Podcast The Wrapp Up discussing one of my favorite color pickers Frank DeLoupe. I really enjoyed talking with Chris about this time saving tool that I use on a daily basis and the best part of it all? It costs less than a dollar! Boom goes the dynamite.

The Wrapp Up Episode 12

About Frank DeLoupe

Your new color-picking friend on Mac OS X. Super Accurate 8x Loupe® for precision picking anywhere on your screen. With a Click you set Foreground, with ⌥ Click you set Background.

About The Wrapp Up

Wrapp Up is a free podcast about desktop, web, and mobile apps. Every week, I share a 3-5 minute review of an app or web service that I love. You can subscribe to the feed here or subscribe on iTunes.


Web Development & Design, Technical Writing, Interaction Design, Open Source Maker & Contributor. Helping Create A Better Web.

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