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  • Coding for Touch & Click Events

    Recently I watched a video on building for touch screens that discusses the challenges when building for touch and keyboard interactions —something that is on the mind of many, many, many, many, many people and something I’ve written about before. So what’s the best way to deal with touch at the moment? Modernizr? Well, detecting for touch primarily using something like Modernizr.touch can sometimes lead to false positive results plus it can be dangerous to make that assumption when a device also includes a keyboard. Read More →

  • Conditional Resources

    So you wanna conditionally load assets for your web app? Do you load them based on @media queries (device size, screen width, pixel density etc.) or based on touch events? Are we detecting “touch device” or are we asking “supports touch events”? Which touch events are we looking for? With so many different capabilities across the device spectrum, and with the advancement of touch capabilities ( or lack thereof ), touch will no longer mean “mobile.” For instance, the new version of Windows 8 will now incorporate a touch interface so it’s now more disastrous than ever before to assume “touch” means “mobile” or “no touch” means “desktop.” Read More →

  • Touch Events for iOS

    Since we geeky Web Designers have become wise to the mobile era, we might as well become familiar with the handling of touch events –and by that I refer to touch events for iOS. What is a Touch Event? Well, when a touch event(i.e. a gesture or touching the screen with your finger) is detected by the event listener, Read More →