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  • Sayonara Faux Columns, Hello Flexbox

    This article is outdated and no longer accurate. Find up-to-date information about flexbox at HTML5 Please.

    Layout and Web Design go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly. We can’t possibly have one without the other. It’s imperative we
    have great layouts in order for our users to find and read the content we the authors/site owners deem as important. As we learned from Dan Cederholm, Faux Columns gave web designers a solution for floated columns to stretch to the bottom of their parent container. Read More →

  • Faux-Column Mayhem

    So you have heard about Faux Columns…whoopie! This is not the first time Faux–Columns have been discussed just in case you were wondering. It’s a hot topic and trick used throughout the Web Design industry, but implemented very differently by many web designers. Read More →

  • These Darn Boxes

    Either you love it or hate it, but the content-box model is here to stay. Good news though is that we designers can now change what the box model will do for us instead of us working for it. Box-sizing has received some attention and current CSS3 specs allow the box to be sized as we would like with our trusty old CSS style sheets. Read More →