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  • WTF Boolean Attribute: How to use the required attribute in HTML

    Reading specs is hard. There I said it, but it’s not like it hasn’t been said before by the bajillion other developers out there and today is no different for me. I’ve been doing some writing lately that requires me to conduct research within the actual documentation which brings our work to life. It’s also the content we search heavily for on blogs that help interpret it for us to digest. Read More →

  • Cache Manifest For WordPress and Typekit

    Forty eight hours, twenty seven minutes, thirty seven seconds later and jackpot! My custom WordPress theme and Typekit account remained accessible even when offline. A truly awesome feature from the hyped up HTML5 spec. Lets get this party started with a direct quote pulled from Mozilla’s developer documentation so we can understand exactly what a cache manifest can do for our web apps and websites. Read More →