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  • Interviewing Candidates in Tech

    Interviewing is a scary time at any point of your career. Nerves are jumping wild for those moments that will transpire, but how well you’re prepared on the hiring end can be just as frightening. Here are some things to think about when you the interviewer take that leap of faith with a potential candidate. Read More →

  • The Tools of a Remote Worker

    So, I work remotely for Mode. Yes, remote work is quite the luxury, but it also has it’s downsides when it comes to communicating. I’m gonna list a few services that I feel make my life as simple as possible (and the ones that fail) when I’m trying to communicate effectively with my co-workers. Read More →

  • Google Chromebook

    You know those things we like to call an OS through names like Windows 7, Windows XP, Snow Leopard, Lion? Take a moment to think about what your use of the computer is at this very moment. Are you using it to create complicated graphs, charts, designs, coding? The million dollar answer is the average user uses a computer to get on the internet -that’s it! We’re all living in the “cloud” so to speak. Read More →