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  • Lazy Flexslider for WordPress

    Carousels/sliders are one of the most widely used widgets in development for the Web today (although the debate over using them still varies in opinion). In my experience w/sliders there’s literally no need to load every single image for a slider on init window load. Today I share my implementation for a client project brought to me by Staple Web Design using WordPress and Flexslider (which does not support lazy loading out of the box). Read More →
  • WordPress Plugin Directory Tips

    I wrote a WordPress plugin recently called Admin Stylur and I thought this would be a good time as any to explain the process a bit and share some inside knowledge I gained while submitting to the WordPress plugin directory. This won’t be one of those posts where I tell you each facet about making a plugin or how to generate that awesome plugin idea. I’m simply saying “here are a few things I caught along the way and here is a post about said things.” Hopefully all that will help to make the process more simplistic, and less stressful as you begin. Read More →

  • Custom WordPress Menu


    The following discussion assumes you like to build blank WordPress themes. If you’re using a child theme then this discussion may not be your cup of tea; unless you like to customize stuff and if so, please read on.

    In the beginning…

    I’d like to take a stroll with you down wp_nav_menu lane. What’s wp_nav_menu? Well, in a nutshell it’s a way to trigger WordPress’ custom menu functionality. You can see this option from your WordPress admin dashboard under Appearance > Menus. Read More →

  • WP-Flex

    After many hours of reading and sifting through the WordPress Codex, I’m proud to announce a wonderful tool for devs using WordPress whom submit their creations to the WordPress theme repository. In a nutshell, WP–Flex, is a blank, foundational, responsive WordPress theme boilerplate for developers submitting to the wordpress theme repository. For your convenience, WP–Flex has been tested and debugged with the required theme-unit-test.xml (also included) and wp-config.php per WordPress Codex requirements. Read More →

  • Cache Manifest For WordPress and Typekit

    Forty eight hours, twenty seven minutes, thirty seven seconds later and jackpot! My custom WordPress theme and Typekit account remained accessible even when offline. A truly awesome feature from the hyped up HTML5 spec. Lets get this party started with a direct quote pulled from Mozilla’s developer documentation so we can understand exactly what a cache manifest can do for our web apps and websites. Read More →