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  • Real Sass, Real Maps

    Adventure seekers describe a map as a guide. A symbolic depiction highlighting relationships between elements of some space, such as objects. To travelers, maps are a must and soon you’ll discover the powerful benefits of using maps as well, but with Sass. Sass maps are about to become your new BFF and here’s why. Read More →

  • Sass Media Query Mixin

    Media queries are a gigantic pain in the ass especially when they’re scattered throughout your code base. This Sass @mixin attempts in a half-ass way to resolve that problem (for me personally) by keeping it DRY and defining once. There’s also a RubyGem called “Breakpoint”, however I desire a custom @mixin without the reliance of a dependency like a Gem to manage this for me. Read More →

  • What do I call it? : Media Query naming conventions in Sass

    “Hey you, Sass developers who use variables for media queries! How do you decide what to name the media queries?” It’s a pretty common question in programming languages other than Sass, and one that is always the toughest to decide.

    When Chris Van Patten asked in this tweet there were a few replies. Some answers assorted and some similar. If you aren’t aware of Chris Coyier’s post on naming conventions then be sure to check that out before reading further. It’s what I call “the bear approach.” Read More →

  • Why I’m a Sasshole

    For those of you that can’t tell by the title heading, I’m into Sass big time. Sass isn’t here to wreck you’re life completely. It’s a tool to do what you do already; just better. Its funny when something comes along in our lives –whether it be professionally or personally– that has the power to alter the way we operate for the better. Sometimes we fight and sometimes we give in easily. Personally speaking, Sass was the wrench in my system and we both fought with honor. Read More →