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Why on earth authors post blog entries and helpful articles using third party services is beyond me. One may argue to drive traffic and they would be totally legit in saying so, but you see there’s still a problem that lurks about -What if that super cool service goes down? Guess where your content goes? You got it! It sinks with the ship! See ya later super awesome, helpful article on a well researched topic…nice to know you…tah tah.

I recently ran across this scenario for a pretty neat tool released for Photoshop. In the very bottom of the tools site there was a button that also linked out to the research behind why the tool works and was made the way it was. When I clicked this button I was sent to a 404 on Posterous. You remember Posterous right? Yeah that service…the one taken down. The only way the article in question could be found was through a cached version on Web Archive. Wah,Wah Sound the trombones cuz that sucks major ass. Would have been waaaaay cooler to have that article cached on the original site that was written by the original author. Blog on your own URI and distribute elsewhere.

</end rant>


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