Making Use of Zip Function in Sass

Sass alleviates the need to write repetitive code when it comes to our stylesheets, but you knew that already or else you wouldn’t be reading this far. I want to show you a nice, savvy way to write shorthand properties without the need to remember the order of values for CSS like animation and font.

Before You Begin : Since I’m using Sass maps it might be a good idea to get comfortable with them. It just so happens there are at least two great articles.

Never Memorize What You Can Look Up In A Book

The title you just read is a famous quote from Albert Einstein -and a good one at that. My best guess is that I’m not the only developer in the world asking themselves “Now…does direction come after fill-mode? or is it the other way around?”

The setup that follows might not be for everyone, but I want you to take note of the approach. You could change this to work any way you want. Remember … the sky’s the limit. Read the Full Article on SitePoint.

Dennis Gaebel

Design Technologist passionate for Open Source, SVG, Typography, Web Animation, Interaction Development & Pattern Based Design.

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