Tracking the Dark Knight; AKA finding a Webkit engineer

Did you ever come across a browser bug in Webkit and wonder how the hell you get it fixed? or how one tracks down the actual engineer whom landed that feature if no progress is in sight? Well I have no idea either, but I can certainly tell you it’s gonna be a fun and bumpy ride so hang on tight. Where we’re going … we don’t need roads

Text Me Up Circle

It all started with a dream where I was using CSS to make Fender Stratocaster volume and tone potentiometer knobs. The very next morning my dream came true and I was on my way to bliss → (Codepen : You see … CSS3 Transforms and a little Sass looping is the trick to this devil in disguise. While I was writing the CSS for the example –using Codepen of course– I had a little birdie hit me up with a super awesome trick

eCSSentially eCSSential

If you’re a fan like me then you’re certainly familiar with the work of The Filament Group and more importantly Scott Jehl. I have to admit that I’m a bit overdue in my visit with this awesome tool, but I finally found some time in a dark corner to give it a shot and I wanted to share my experience. So, what the hell does this thing do? How about a brief explanation by Scott Jehl from his Github Repo.

Mind Your Manners

I’m sure you’ve read from one place or another about etiquette on the Web and this little rant is no exception. I will say, however there will be a slight bit of jaywalking to discuss manners in relation to Github. There will be no code discussion or talk about the coolest thing out there. It’s just a bit of chat on the subject of manners and manners my Dear Watson go a long way.

Tucked Corners Please

For my first jQuery plugin baby steps I went ahead and created a cheesy little doo dad that I call “Tucked In” because it gives you those sweet tucked in corners using pure CSS in only a few lines. It’s a simple and unobtrusive way using progressive enhancement as our guide. In order to activate this monster, simply add the following to your site page(s) <head>.

Activate Compass Captain

I’m sure you’ve heard about compass, but what is it? and what does it do for me? In order to install Compass we’ll have to use that strange beast called “Terminal.” Before we begin my young padawan, here’s a few reasons from the official Compass Website why designer’s love compass….