How it’s made: Front–end Developers Spill The Beans: The Windows/Ubuntu Edition

In the spirit of discovery and process once again, I set out to ask 1 front–end developer to share his procedure when making stuff for the Web on a Non–Mac machine including a little share from myself for Windows scenarios. We’ll start with the initial set up of the local environment and end with deploying the final product. A special thanks to @remybach for opening up the curtain and sharing his secrets on Ubuntu. Read More →

The point is there is no point in #RWD

Lately I’ve been curious about units used in #RWD –mostly rems I have to admit. Yes, discussing the correct or preferred values to use in #RWD is a topic that definitely makes me fall asleep, but instead of writing the same post about why ems are good for sizing in #RWD, I thought I would look at why pt isn’t beneficial when used in a #RWD setting – also due to a recent conversation on Twitter about the lonely pt. This surely goes for you nasty pixels too, but I’ll keep it to the pt for today –no pun intended. Read More →

Custom WordPress Menu


The following discussion assumes you like to build blank WordPress themes. If you’re using a child theme then this discussion may not be your cup of tea; unless you like to customize stuff and if so, please read on.

In the beginning…

I’d like to take a stroll with you down wp_nav_menu lane. What’s wp_nav_menu? Well, in a nutshell it’s a way to trigger WordPress’ custom menu functionality. You can see this option from your WordPress admin dashboard under Appearance > Menus. Read More →