How it’s made: Front–end Developers Spill The Beans: The Windows/Ubuntu Edition

In the spirit of discovery and process once again, I set out to ask 1 front–end developer to share his procedure when making stuff for the Web on a Non–Mac machine including a little share from myself for Windows scenarios. We’ll start with the initial set up of the local environment and end with deploying the final product. A special thanks to @remybach for opening up the curtain and sharing his secrets on Ubuntu. Read More →

The point is there is no point in #RWD

Lately I’ve been curious about units used in #RWD –mostly rems I have to admit. Yes, discussing the correct or preferred values to use in #RWD is a topic that definitely makes me fall asleep, but instead of writing the same post about why ems are good for sizing in #RWD, I thought I would look at why pt isn’t beneficial when used in a #RWD setting – also due to a recent conversation on Twitter about the lonely pt. This surely goes for you nasty pixels too, but I’ll keep it to the pt for today –no pun intended. Read More →

Custom WordPress Menu


The following discussion assumes you like to build blank WordPress themes. If you’re using a child theme then this discussion may not be your cup of tea; unless you like to customize stuff and if so, please read on.

In the beginning…

I’d like to take a stroll with you down wp_nav_menu lane. What’s wp_nav_menu? Well, in a nutshell it’s a way to trigger WordPress’ custom menu functionality. You can see this option from your WordPress admin dashboard under Appearance > Menus. Read More →

My Web Design and Development Heros

During my daily duties of scouring Twitter, I caught a post from User Agent Man titled “A Developer I Admire – Walter Zorn”. It was tweeted by Paul Irish who posted “Developers We Admire, where he called out to the web development community to blog about the developers they found important and inspirational. After reading both posts I’ve been inspired and feel it’s time to share my experiences with my Heros and also give thanks back for their support.
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