Introducing ScrollMagic 2.0

If you’re desperate to generate beautiful scroll animations in your next project, then look no further. ScrollMagic is a JavaScript library to help you create “magical” scroll interactions which effortlessly react to the user’s current scroll position and trigger animations or synchronized events.

ScrollMagic recently underwent some big changes, so here’s a quick walk-through discussing the changes and improvements since its rebirth.

What’s New?

Dependencies that were once core components of ScrollMagic, like GreenSock (GSAP) and jQuery, have been removed entirely from the library. As of 2.0.0 everything that adds features on top of ScrollMagic is treated as a plugin, finally making ScrollMagic a standalone library (6KB gzipped)!

The Changelog contains many other facets that have been adjusted, should you choose to dive deeper. In case you don’t have the time, here’s a list highlighting some of the changes: Read the full article on Tuts+

Dennis Gaebel

Design Technologist passionate for Open Source, SVG, Typography, Web Animation, Interaction Development & Pattern Based Design.

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