Readability Rocks

Readability is a subscription–based web app that delivers a premium reading experience around just about any readable content on the Web. Readability is unique in that it earmarks 70% of subscriber fees to be distributed out to the owners of the sites that subscribers visit.

After you enter your content, highlight the text you want to style and select the options you set in the style editor in the “styles” drop down box. Want to get rid of styling on a bit of text, but having trouble doing it? Just use the “remove formatting” button to strip the text of any formatting and reset your style. Install the free Readability browser add–on or sign–up for the Web’s best reading platform. With a Readability subscription, you can save articles to read later, and read anywhere on your mobile phone, tablet, or e-reader. Readability provides one-click send and sync integration with Amazon Kindle.

The Readability dashboard displays Readability usage on a page-by-page basis, offering insight on which articles are trending and how reader fees are being allocated across your content.

As part of the Readability ecosystem, we’re working toward better Web Standards by recognizing important article metadata like author, byline and source information.


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